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采用100%台湾制造生产进口,最新封釉科技技术,我们是网络上火红的车霸汽车美容中心,总行在新山Mount Austin。 创始人Ms. Angela致力把最好的产品带入马来西亚,为马星一带唯一和指定经销商,试过的客户都说赞,需要时间比普通C...

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Lot CP-02, Indoor Car Park Area, IOI Mall Bandar Putra, 81000 Kulai, Johor Tunjuk Jalan
Tutup 11:00AM-9:30PM
Sudah Direviu 3 years ago
Excellent services! Reasonable price
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Sudah Direviu 3 years ago
I went to this car detailing shop two week ago. Heard from friends that this shop has the latest seal glaze coating technology which can make my car shine and smooth. That's why I went to give a try. The result is so obvious !

The staff helped me to do few steps including washing, cleaning, coating as well as glass coating. They are really professional ! This shop is very different with the one i went before. They didn't do "many layer" coating as other detailing shops always claimed 7-9 layers. Only one layer coating in this shop. As the lady boss explained, one layer is more than enough if the coating material is good. If there material is bad, even 10 layers coating, it wont protect your car. I agreed with this. Material is important as their material is 100% imported from Taiwan.

Thanks to Chebar to resume my car paint's brightness. I will definitely come back this shop again! :)

Sudah Direviu 4 years ago
Sudah Direviu 4 years ago

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采用100%台湾制造生产进口,最新封釉科技技术,我们是网络上火红的车霸汽车美容中心,总行在新山Mount Austin。 创始人Ms. Angela致力把最好的产品带入马来西亚,为马星一带唯一和指定经销商,试过的客户都说赞,需要时间比普通Coating缩短至1小时,效果绝不比多Layer Coating逊色。

除了封釉Coating ,我们的主打服务也包括水镀膜,大境镀膜等等,尤其是我们使用洗车剂为中性PH(外面大部分使用PH碱性),绝不伤车漆和Coating外层.

想到封釉Coating . 想到车霸


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