terms and condition

There are some Terms and Conditions of TalkCar.my (as the 'Company" or we). to a member ('you') as following: 

The Company reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions without prior notice. You are responsible for checking these Terms and Conditions. You can see the latest Terms and Conditions has always been on this page. If we change. we will notify you with posted on this page before making changes on the site for 24 hours. 

You may need to be a registered member to use our service entirely. You understand and agree that we reserve the right to refuse registration of certain persons. And may cancel the registration of all members at any time. especially when the rules violated the rules of terms of use. You can not trade or transfer your account to another person. A breach of this condition. the account will be canceled immediately. 

You must not commit any act of harassment and insulting. 

You may not send or post messages that threatening to blackmail another member or third party. as well as other statements which are contrary to law. You agree not to (and do not allow any third party to) modify. adapt, translate. or restructure section of the website, including copyright, trademark. or other intellectual property data, except to get written permission from the Company. 

You must not write any text into a website that expresses or implies that such messages are sponsored or endorsed by Talkcar.my that may not true. You can only sends the message that you believe to be true and not intentionally provide false information. 

You understand and agree that Talkcar.my may determine. change. and delete contacts. any business (Including business name. address. phone. fax distance the image) or review or other information on the Website. The decision will depend on the Company's information on the site. 

Company is not responsible for any damage. Including injury and loss expenses incurred. both direct and indirect incidental or consequential according to the site every case. 

The Company Is not responsible for any of the information displayed on this Website which the content created by members. And. Company will not have any legal responsibility to third part or any company that has suffered a loss both directly or indirectly. We do not guarantee the accuracy of any information on the website. whether it was generated by the Company and by the members. The Company reserves the right to consider such as the appropriate case, which could lead to the suspension of the publication of such information. temporarily or permanently. as appropriate to the case. The person who creates the data is responsible for the damage.